Triple Peak October 24, 2020

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

After an early morning start leaving Victoria at 6am, we arrived down Marion main at the trailhead to triple peak around 9:15 and we were the first ones there.

Our first view of the summits as we head down the logging road

It was a chilly 1 degree as we got out of the car, changed into our hiking gear and took one final sip of coffee before heading off. The trail starts off right away with a short scramble down loose rock to the river below where a log awaits to allow crossing the river.

Rebekah takes her time crossing the log to ensure her feet stay dry for at least some of the hike

Almost immediately after crossing the river we headed up through the trees and emerged beside a waterfall route we would cross back and forth on our way up to the lake. We were so fortunate with a beautiful blue sky sunny day that we took a nice slow pace with many stops for photos.

As we gained some elevation we found small amounts of snow on the ground but not enough to slow our trip up.

One of the many falls we passed on our ascent

About two thirds of the way up the waterfall route we hit a steep rock face void of any vegetation and happened to be covered in a thick layer of slick ice. None of us had brought spikes or crampons, and I was the only one wearing boots while Andrew and Rebekah were both in running shoes. After a short debate and some careful planning of our route, we managed to make it up to the top of the face and continued heading towards the lake.

I stopped to look out over The Valley from the top of a waterfall

Rebekah and I head up the trail while Andrew snaps some quick shots from below

After an hour and a half, we had covered a little over 2km and reached the lake at the top of the water fall. The sun was high enough now to fully cover the top of the ridge and we took some time to soak in the heat after climbing in shade most of the way up.

Soaking in the sun as we rested lakeside

After yet another photo break, we decided to carry on past the lake and head up towards the summit. We knew we weren’t going to be able to make it all the way as we had no climbing gear with us but we spotted a ridge halfway between the lake and the summit that looked like a good viewpoint to stop for lunch before heading back.

The view from the ridge didn’t disappoint and we stopped for a lengthy lunch and relaxed a bit enjoying the beautiful weather. After half an hour we packed up, headed back down towards the lake and took one last group photo, making sure to capture 5040 which we had just climbed two weeks earlier. The sun had just disappeared behind the summit of Triple Peak and the temperature was beginning to drop so we picked up our speed and headed for the car.

5040 Peak on the other side of the valley

We arrived back at the car around 2 pm which gave us a nice comfortable drive back, arriving in Victoria before 6pm.


Distance: 6.54 km

Elevation Gain: 681m

Max Elevation: 1128 m

Time: 4 hours 12 minutes